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When you need more space in your house, count on our experienced construction team for room additions in St. Louis, MO. All of our services are provided with a commitment to workmanship and customer satisfaction that have made us one of the most trusted room additions' contractors in the area.

Our family-owned-and-operated company is happy to provide testimonials and examples of work from our many satisfied customers, whose great reviews and word-of-mouth advertising have been growing our business since 1974.

Peller Construction is the methodical, no-surprises contractor for any addition to your home, whether for simple attached additions or the most complex detached additions. Our company is in the business of meeting your exact needs for your property.

We provide functional, high-quality additions following your detailed specifications and keeping tightly to your budget. Call us today and schedule a free assessment and estimate on any of the following attached, detached, or second-story additions:

  • Garages
  • Extensions
  • Additional Rooms
  • Work Areas
  • Game Rooms
  • Backyard Detached Bedrooms

Our skilled estimators will come out to your property on your schedule and walk through the proposed plan with you. Our goal is to determine your precise wants and advise you on the feasibility of your room additions, after which we will prepare a full written project proposal for your approval. This project proposal will contain the full work schedule, the materials to be used, a schematic blueprint, and a full pricing schedule. For any type of addition, our company pulls a permit and walks you through the entire inspection process from start to successful conclusion.

New Living Room in St. Louis, MO

Attached Additions for Growing Families

Consider an attached addition to give your family room to grow, or give yourself a place to work or play. There are three basic types of attached additions: first floor room additions, second story additions, and connecting additions between a home and an outbuilding. Our competence and workmanship extend to all three of these varied projects, and we can advise you on the best design and materials for any application.

Detached Additions for Guests or Quiet Time

A detached addition is typically sited in the backyard of a property and can range from a garage or work area to a full "second house" for relatives or guests. These detached bedrooms can serve as tiny homes, with a bathroom and other comforts, while still relying on the main house for kitchen and laundry needs.

Work areas can also be more expansive when placed in the backyard, and the space between the house and the addition can muffle any woodworking equipment or other loud work noises to avoid disturbing the rest of the house. Conversely, these detached additions can provide a home office environment away from the busy house, with the peace and quiet you need to focus.

Contact us today to start planning the new space your home needs. Peller Construction proudly serves St. Louis, Fenton, Sunset Hills, Mehlville, Maryland Heights, and the surrounding areas in Missouri.